Password generator is a free tool that allows you to create unique strong passwords every time. This tool is very fast and easy to use. If you want to create bulk passwords then it is very difficult to create them manually so at time like these you need a tool like password generator tool with the help of which you can easily create 1 to 9999 passwords with in second. Using this password generator tool you can find secure, strong and unique passwords with a single click and save your precious time. After creating passwords you can also download the result. This is a user friendly tool anyone can use it and easily find strong password. You can create password with or without special characters, also alphanumeric passwords can be created easily.

Password Key


What is Password Generator Tool?

A password generator is a tool that helps you generate a strong random password using secure encryption algorithms which makes your password impossible to hack. A lot of people use mostly similar passwords to protect their information and this makes the data more vulnerable as there are more chances that attackers will get to know your pattern. This password generator tool runs on your Windows, Mac or Linux computer, as well as your iOS or Android device. This tool prevents cyber-criminals from attacking your important data.

How does this Password Generator works?

Password Generator is a software that uses parameters taken from the user's browser such as lowercase letters, upper-case letters, numerals, mixed-case letters, and, symbols. to create comparatively secure passwords. The truncated value is encoded either using BASE64 encoding or by using a dictionary of 65536 words to encode each 16 bit group into a random word. The final output is displayed on the screen at last. There are a few chances this tool will create the same password twice as it takes input randomly that makes the output unique and unpredictable.

Advantages of random password generator tool

The biggest benefit is the usability when using a Password Generator tool, all you have to do is remember the master password of your single account. The rest of the passwords will automatically be saved there.The other benefit is security as this tool create random passwords it is very difficult for the other person to fetch the data. Whenever a password change is needed, a new password is saved automatically replacing the old one. It is the best tool to use in a workplace where a lot of information is on the verge of exposure.